Get name of the device in a flow?

So I have 3x IKEA Fyrtur blinds that I want to set up a flow for informing me when the batteries needs charging.

I’ve set the flow up like this:

Now, I could configure the push message and hardcode the name of the blind in there, but I want to be able to easily reuse the flow. I cannot seem to find any way to fetch the device name automatically from the tags. The tag icon does not have any tags for name, as I sawe existed on some youtube-tutorials… How do I do this?

Tap on the Tag icon on the right (in your picture) then start typing the name…

This flow reports every battery with a level below 20%, and reports the device and zone name, and the reported battery level.


That’s my problem - i cannot find any tags for device name. Just other information about devices. I want to use the name of the device that I used in the top card of the flow, so I can re-use that card.

Thank you, I will have a look at that.

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I’m having the same issue as you did.
Did you find any solution?

Who are you talking to?


The solution is in this topic…it’s marked as solved.