Myhomey sometimes flows are behind de menu on the left

Hi, sometimes when I open myhomey on my laptop an advanced flow is behind the menu on the left site of the screen. I don’t know how to solve that. Does somebody experience the same problem and knows the solution for it? I tried different browsers, tried to zoom but nothing solves the problem.

You can try

  • F11 (full screen)
  • CTRL + scroll up/down (zoom out/in)
  • Shift + scroll up/down (moves canvas sideways)
  • Hover the right hand side of the menu until the mouse pointer changes into a double arrow;
    now drag it to the left to narrow it down
  • add a flowcard, and then drag it towards the menu bar;
    now the canvas should move to the right, and thus reveal the cards ‘behind’ the menu

Or just throw away your cache of the browser?

Thanks for the response, but seems not to help unfortunately.

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