My position on Homey App doesn't change

I’ve authorized to find my position on Homey parameters but my position doesn’t change (always at home). The settings of the IOS Homey app is also authorised to know my position.
Any idea?

the position in Homey’s settings only shows you the position of Homey itself, not any smartphones connected, you can only see the status if your at home (or not) from the home page of the Homey app, not any location(s).

Dear Caseda,
Thanks for this clarification, but why i don’t receive any notification when i leave my home like i’ve created flow for that?

Well, if you search the forum on “presence detection” you’ll find lots of topics about it, that for some it doesn’t work right, for some it does,
some tips that might improve it;
another app (way) that does work for them, though for some that also doesn’t work.

In short, search the forum, and try which way will work for you, as it is different for everyone.