Move lines in advanced flow

Would it be possible to create an option to move or shape lines in advanced flows? I have some intricate flows that become real messy. My two options are to either make them reeeeeeally long making me have to scroll sideways to see the whole thing or to try to keep them narrow and have lines hidden behind logic boxes.



Now I use ‘any’ connectors to move lines where I want to. While you move the ‘any’s’ around, the lines move with them.

Thanks. I now have three options, all of which are sub-optimal (yes, I noticed the +1, so I know we’re in agreement :slight_smile: )

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The auto-generated super curved lines are sometimes realy unhandy.

Maybe then it is better to split up your flow by using “Start Flow With …”:

For my aircondition flow, that would be a lot of partial flows making it even more cluttered. I have a lot of conditions taking into account the indoor and outdoor temps, forecast, time of day, if anyone’s at home etc.

I feel splitting up my flow would only be a step backwards toward the old flows. And it will be super hard to debug and test it properly without seeing how the whole flow performs.

I see your point, but it’s kind of like asking to go back to single thread processors because it’s hard to manage multiple threads. Advanced flows are a huge step in the right direction. Splitting flows up to keep them from getting too intricate is a huge step backwards, imho.