MCO Home Light Switch MHS-S312 v1

Hey Guys

I’m having trouble with one of my MCO Home switches - I have 12 in total single, double and quad - what is happening with this one MHS-S312 since moving over to Homey - I can see both switches in Homey and when turning them on in Homey they work great but if I turn the switches on at the source one shows up in Homey as on but the other doesn’t update - I tested the same switch with Fibaro HCL and it worked as it should - only had my Homey for a short while as I have been migrating all my devices over and all my other MCO Home switches work great – the Firmware for that switch is v1 – wondering if the app needs an update for it to work - hope anyone can help - Thanks

Try at the official forum topic, so the dev gets notified too

Thank you will post it there