[App][Pro] MCOHome App (v1.5.4)

MCOHome app

This app adds support for devices made by MCOHome.


MCOHome app at Athom apps
MCOHome app Github repository

Supported devices:

MCOHome Touch Panel Switches (1 - 4x)

A glass panel switch with 1 - 4 capacitive touch buttons.

Supported devices:

  • Touch panel switch 1x: MH-S311(H), MH-S411(H), MH-S511(H)
  • Touch panel switch 2x: MH-S312(H), MH-S412, MH-S512
  • Touch panel switch 3x: MH-S513
  • Touch panel switch 4x: MH-S514

Note: Product Identification numbers have been added based on available information, but is still incomplete. If your touch panel switch is not recognized properly, please send me a message.

MCOHome Touch Panel Dimmer

A glass panel dimmer with 1 capacitive touch buttons.

A glass panel dimmer with 2 capacitive touch buttons.

Supported devices:

  • Touch panel dimmer 1x: MH-P311, MH-P411, MH-P511
  • Touch panel dimmer 2x: MH-DT311

MCOHome Shutter Panel

A glass shutter panel with 2 capacitive touch buttons.

Supported devices:

  • Touch shutter panel: MH-C321

MCOHome Micro-dimmer

A Z-Wave enabled 1-load in-wall dimmer
Supported devices:

  • Micro dimmer: MH-P220

MCOHome Micro-switch

A Z-Wave enabled 1-load in-wall relay
Supported devices:

  • Micro switch: MH-S220

MCOHome MH7(H) Thermostat

Z-Wave enabled programmable heating thermostat.

Supported devices:

  • Heating thermostat (MH7): MH7-EH, MH7-WH
  • Heating thermostat (MH7H): MH7H-EH, MH7H-WH

MCOHome CO2 monitor

Monitor CO2 concentration in air.

Supported devices:

  • CO2 monitor (MH9-CO2): MH9-CO2-WA, MH9-CO2-WD

MCOHome PM2.5 monitor

Monitor the air quality in terms of Atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5).

Supported devices:

  • PM2.5 monitor (MH10-PM2.5): MH10-PM2.5-WA, MH10-PM2.5-WD

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Supported Z-wave regions:

  • Europe
  • Russia
  • China
  • U.S./Canada/Mexico


Any requests please post them in the MCOHome app topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack
If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.


If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution

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  • Add additional productTypeID’s for Switch 3 - Plus, thanks Kevin
  • Fix issue with Shutter panel, thanks Geurt
  • Updated app to new app store requirements (incl. icon)
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.3.22
  • Removed mobile interface (Homey v1.x) and bumped app requirement to 4.x


  • Add additional productTypeID’s for Micro dimmer (MH-P220)


  • Add additional productTypeID’s for MH9 CO2 monitor
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.32


  • Add additional productTypeID’s for MH7(H) Thermostats
  • Minor (cosmetical) modifications to make the app Homey SW v2.0.0 compatible


  • Add support for the MH7 Thermostats
  • Add support for the MH7H Thermostats



  • Fix missing on off feature on mobile card for touch dimmers (re-inclusion required)


  • Add support for Touch shutter panel: MH-C321
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.11


  • Add Athom community forum link to app
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.9
  • Add dim-duration to the dimmer devices
  • Add support for Z-wave plus version of touch panel switch (3)
  • Add support for the micro-dimmer and micro-switch
  • Mass update of all productID’s
  • Fix issue with CO2 sensor not reporting CO2 alarm #5
  • Fix issue where CO2 and PM2.5 sensors are not (re)setting their alarms

Frequently Asked Questions

MCO thermostat have support?

@Voxen not at this moment.
When I have time, I will first implement some other thermostats, then use those implementations for the MCO thermostats.

What are you planning to support in the near future?
There are quite a few thermostats for controlling electric floor heating, which is supported by Homey
IheaIT wanted to buy, but the manufacturer does not ship it now

Could you please add MH7 support? Any ideas when it will be made available? Many thanks!

I cannot seems to include the following to Homey:

  1. MCO Touch Switch (1 gang)
  2. MCO Touch Switch (4 gang)

Previously it was working fine albeit a little laggy. I did a factory restore for the homey. And reset the MCO touch switch by pressing the button 10 times. After that I can’t seems to include the MCO touch switch to Homey. I am able to re-include the Aeotec sensors and philips bridge. Only MCO touch switch got problem.

Thanks for your hard work on the shutter panels.
Support for MH7 devices is asked for more than one year. When will this be integrated in the app? Moving it every month is not a solution.

Luckily enough, I’m doing this work in my spare time as a hobby my family is classifying as gone (a bit) out of control. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The source code of the MCOHome is app is public and open to any contributions to add support for still missing devices. I’m even supporting newly starting community developers in their start-up. Let me know if anyone is interested.

As mentioned before, I’m currently working on the SDK2 version of the ThermoFloor thermostat. Status as just updated in the ThermoFloor / Heatit topic. For reference the driver code of this device.

Once this SDK2 version is stable (incl. 1,92 FW), I will use it for implementing support of other thermostats, like the MH7(H).

I’ve updated the MCOHome app to include the start-level and stop-level dim cards for all dimming devices.
Version 1.1.3 is awaiting app store approval.

@Juergen which version of the MH7 thermostat do you have?

I’ve just added support for the MH7 thermostat (without humidity measurement) to the development branch on GitHub: https://github.com/TedTolboom/com.mcohome/tree/development

If this is this right version, you could give it a try to install this version of the app via the CLI.

I’ll add support for the MH7H (with humidity measurement) in the next days.

version 1.1.3 is available in the app store

I’ve just uploaded the v1.2.0 update to the app store for approval; adding support for the MH7(H) thermostats.
Current status: available in the app store

The V1.2.0 app update is available in the app store; looking forward to your feedback on the MH7 implementation!

Thank you very much for the added MH7 Thermostats!
I now have the app installed on Homey and started using it for stopping the electric heating in my bathroom.

For now everything seems to work perfectly. Will post something if it is not.

Thanks again.

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I tried to connect my 1 button touch panel to Homey, but failed.
Could you advise on how to do so, as I can connect the rest (2 & 4 buttons), just not the 1 button.

Thank you.

I already thought that this is a spare time project. I fully understand it because I had the same experience with my family and my community projects and work on Fibaro HC2 and FHEM. I am currently working on an S0 reader device for energy, water and gas and I would love to get your support. I will contact you the next days via PM (son is currently sick and priorities are a bit shifted at the moment).

To your question: I have multiple MH7 (for water and electrical heating). I will test your implementation and provide feedback :smile: AND thanks for your assistance to make the world easier and automated. The 2-button MCO’s are working really great with your “app”!!!

Hello, I would like to ask you, if there is plan to integrate and add support of MH8 thermostats.

@TedTolboom, will there be a SDKv2 app in the future? I’m using this app a lot, otherwise it seems that I’m not able to update to Homey 2.0 when this is stable.

No feedback received yet…?!

I’ll check if I can get access to one of the MH8 thermostats. If so, I will add support for it.

The app is native SDKv2; has been defined based on SDKv2 from the start.

But that doesn’t really matter. The only SDKv1 apps that are definitely not working are the ones having an app settings page or that use the homey-API. That is not applicable for most Z-wave apps (using the meshdriver).

Do note that Homey 2.0 is still an experimental release; with still quite some issues to be resolved; like the trigger cards not always working. Check the EN of NL topics on this forum for more info, before upgrading.