Matter devices removed or factory reset, Philips Hue


A bunch of my Philips Hue spots stopped working, with the following message in the Timeline: “Matter device “NameOfDevice” was reset to factory settings, or externally removed from Homey”

It is only Philips Hue Centura spots, not switches or other lamps.

I have automatic updates turned off on the Hue bridge, so it’s not due to an update.
Is there a way to repair the devices, or do I have to unlink and reconnect the Hue Bridge?

I unlinked Homey from the Hue app, then linked Homey again from Homey app.

You have to put the Hue matter devices in the right zones again, and repair all the flows they are used in.
Hope this isn’t a reoccurring matter ^^

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