Massive download

Im having the same experience. Never cared to investigate, but maybe I should?

Philips Hue app is pulling the Hue Bridge every 5 seconds. Super bad way of doing stuff, but probably the only way if push isn’t supported. It is consuming over 4GB of data. Fortunately, it’s only local. But it’s a big chunk of data.

App has a habit of crashing regularly, that’s why there is next to no network traffic 7 to 13.

\ Andreas

Huh - that’s awful coding. I have made a rule that restarts the Hue app every 12 hours because it just is soooo unstable (and it seems there is no support to the app)

New release of the app today.
What’s new in v4.4.3

Improved stability

Let’s hope it’s what was talked about.