Manually set sensor status value

On rare occasions, a sensor is left in triggered status. I guess this can happen if a sensor is tripped and when untripping it faces a communication timeout. So sensor value is not tripped, but Homey still think it is. If I’m still in the house, I can just manually tripp the sensor and it will most likely untripp as it should. But how can I remotely manipulate the trip status of a sensor when I’m not home and on the go?
\ Andreas

You could try to send a “basic on/off” command or a “test frame” to the sensor via the developers page. No idea if that works, you never know. It might trigger a wake-up or refresh of the values.

Gr8 tip! However, I don’t think I need to manipulate the sensor. It’s the sensors state in Homey that need to be manipulated.

@aste Did you try the developers page? There you can manipulate the state of all your devices.

That is only valid for on/off status of witches etc. You can;t change a sensor’s value.
At least, as far as i know and to what my developer page shows.

The sensor state in Home is manipulated by the sensor’s reports. So if you trigger or wake-up the sensor (manually of maybe via the developer’s page), the current values will be sent to Homey.

For instance: if your tamper alarm is “stuck” in YES, triggering the alarm manually will send a new YES command, followed by the NO command after the value specified with the “cancel alarm after” setting.

@HarriedeGroot it seems like my devices lack the drop down on the PIRs for example. Just like @PetervdK indicating.

Also most battery powered devices does not have a very frequent wake up interval, so I really can’t consider that to be an option. Also, manually triggering a sensor when away is not really an option :wink:

I had this issue the other day again:

Is HomeyScript able to manipulate sensor states?