Luxom - Domotics - TCP/IP ASCII interface

Would the Athom Homey be able to connect to an existing Luxom domotic environment?
The (ideally bi-derectional) communication works using ASCII messages over a fixed TCP/IP adress (example “*S,0,2,01;” to switch on a light).

More info can be found on:

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There is a community app request topic to ask for adding device/brand support.
Please use layout presented in the first post when adding a request for this brand/device in the same post.

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Hi Tomas,
I have the same question!
Did you find a solution to connect Luxom to Homey?

Hi Filip,

I haven’t bought the Homey, as I would only like to invest in it when I am sure it would work with Luxom in one way or another.

Do you have any experience with other applications & Luxom? (e.g. Openhab).


No, I still haven’t found a solution to connect Luxom to a “visualisation” software. I think openhab is very difficult to use.

Mvg Filip Vandenbroele

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