Lutron Caseta support for mutliple hubs

Just wondering if anyone knows, does the Lutron Caseta app support multiple hubs?

I know it’s a separate question, but also wondering if there will be support for the Smart Motion Sensor?

Don R.

guess best contact the developer/brand, see their App description

Support Contact »

The description does not indicate if multiple hubs are supported. But good point on the better route to get these questions answered. I worked with them once before and they were very responsive.


Update: So I was able to work with the app authors, and as they thought, after adding a second Lutron hub, the Lutron Caseta app seems to work just fine. They are hoping to add support for the sensors sometime in the future, and if they do I’ll report back. Meanwhile the Lutron sensors work fine without Homey if you want the normal auto lights on/off with some scheduling capibility.