LSC configuration

I have bought 3 x smart connect power plug, door sensor and motion sensor. The smart connects work fine. BOTH DOOR SENSOR AND MOVEMENT SENSOR DO HAVE A MAJOR DELAY, THEREFORE not useful. Probably due to the power consumption of the batteries as suggested earlier. My issue is, how the smart connect plug should be configured in Homey. The device is available but required data, which i cannot provide, like the key? The IP is clear, but the ID and key is unclear to me. Please help.

Another question, as for I am looking for a wifi doorsensor:
How did you connect the lsc wifi doorsensor to Homey? Does the LSC app support it? On the app page, it does not say so… :frowning:

how did you connect the movement sensor I was unable to find the app/ way to connect it to my Homey