Lost connect with Fakro zws230

I’ve connected a Fakro zws230 to Homey. But for the second time in a month the Fakro zws230 doenst respond. The first time this happend i reset the zws230 and then connected it back again. But yesterday again the zws230 doenst respond.
i’m kinda new to Homey. Can i rebuild the connection or force the connection between homey and the zws230? Or do i have go get back on a ladder (roofwindows) and reset the whole thing again, reconnect etc. With the chance of losing the connection again in 2 weeks.

All the other zwave, kaku and zigbee things are working great!

I have the same problem with the z230. The developer hasn’t updated the app for a while. Im begining to fear that it’s abandonware! It’s a shame because the window opener is a mission critical bit of gear. It was really quite stable on my previous vera.

and you both have tried to contact the devolper of the app!!! Right :+1:

No i did not do so. Ive also had some problems with losing all my z-wave devices in homey, maybe because of the zws230 device. But im not sure.
I’ve chosen to solder a fibaro relais to the ZWS230 (the black button), thats solved the problem for me. Now i can still use the remote and use homey for opening the window

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I left a comment on the github, but no reply…
I have found a potential solution though. I noticed when I logged in to the Homey Developer that in my original setup with the Fakro ZWS230 out in my greenhouse and my homey inside my house, the mesh was allway through a lightswitch half-way there. I had plenty of signals outbound (Tx) but zero inbound. So I have moved my Homey to the greenhouse for now, and now it works and I get plenty of signals going out and in.

My theory is that z-wave chip in the Fakro is not powerfull enough to send a singnal back. If this continues to be stable I’, going to try placing a z-wave extender in the greenhouse.

If it doesn’t work I would be very keen to see photos of how you soldered the fibaro to the button. My wife will kill me if her plants die this summer

So it’s been stable for a week now. I aded an extender in the greenhouse and this may have been the solution. Another thing i did though was on my open window flow add the AND function “chain actuator is down” and the oposite for the close flow. Otherwise Homey sends a command everytime the thermometer reported a temperature (every five minutes).

No, once again unresponsive. It’s not completely dead though, when I log into developer.athom.app it says that the connection is stable and I am able to open and close it by choosing “send basic on” or send basic off"

I have no idea what to do now.

I had a zws230 working perfectly with my Homey, but somehow the connection is lost and I cannot reconnect. I even bought a new zws230, but it now shows up only as a general z-wave device. Can anybody tell me what changed (Fakro app or Homey) and how to reset my Fakro zws230 so I can reconnect the device (I have no remote, only Homey)

Do you have any update on this? Does this mean the app is not working well anymore?

I struggle with basically the same. Every time the Homey needs a restart connection is lost with all Fakro chain ac’s.

Tried several ways to contact the developer but no response. I may try to look at the project code on GitHub to see if there is any possibility to take over and continue it but need to get in touch with the developer first.

Anyone successful solving the issues so far on a permanent basis?

Rumour has it that Fakro are working on their own app for Homey. hopefully it will be more stable.

So they have a new app, but no support for the zsw230 yet, only the smaller zws12
I hope they add support soon, summer is coming and my wife will kill me if the window in the green house fails again.

Continue here please

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