Looking for a simple (zwave) device with green/red LED to reflect status


I’m using Heimdall on Homey as an alarm system and I’'m wondering if there is some device that I can plug into a wall socket that can, based on the trigger, simply show a red of a green light.

Purpose is to easily see if the alarm mode is on or not via something viewable.

Other suggestions are welcome as well, as long as it’s a simply way to see.
Thanks :slight_smile:

What I use is the Homey LED
Its swirls green when the alarm is disarmed
Yellow/Orange when its in Home Mode
Red with its Fully Armed

You could delve into a custom piece of hardware using arduino… but depends on your skill… its not hard and its very cheap

Or… Fibaro Binary sensor with 2 leds (red and green) Little hobby project

What about Aeotec Smart Switch 6?

Or with a Fibaro wall plug:

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Thanks for the tips guys. Homey itself is out of sight so that’s not an option.

Creating something myself could indeed be an option.

Regarding the Smart Switch and Fibaro, I didn’t knew I could use the LED in them for purely LED purposes. Always thought it was about measuring the amount of energy and displaying that in a fancy way. It is an expensive solution for what I want but I guess it could do :slight_smile:

Don’t know whether you can read Dutch or not, but these are the choices for the Fibaro plug:

First two options do indeed indicate energy usage, then you have white, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta or led off.
And these colors can be set for the ON as well as the OFF position of the plug individually. In your use case you should therefore set both the ON and OFF position to the same color.

Thanks Arno, helder verhaal (Dutchy :wink: