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Logica tags vs. Better Logic

Hi all,

I was searching the old forum but could not find any answers that I am looking for.

Currently in prep to Homey version 2.0, I am migrating my current excising better logic flows to a usage with Homey built in Logica. Reasons are that I would like to reduce the number of used apps (38), Better logic is not SDK2 (and not sure it will be) and to make full use of the new Homey Mobile app the use of Logica seems to make more sense.

Now during migration I am running into some unexpected things:

  1. Logica tags seems to be rounding values, not always using one decimal behind the comma (0,1 becomes 0)
  2. Mathematical values get rounded by default, with better logic you need to indicate if you want to round the numbers

Due to this I am unable to migrate certain flows, maybe I am overlooking stuff as I am not so experienced with Logica as I always used Better Logic.

Anyone run into the same issues?


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Jeez… I was not aware of that…

On topic; I can’t give you any answers, other then that I too will have to migrate/rebuilt a hell of a lot of flows, if Better Logic becomes obsolete.

A few community members are busy converting better logic into sdkv2.

But if you have issue/feature requests on the build in logic, you should report them on github or support@athom.com as athom is usually not active here.

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Thanks for the info @Caseda
That’s great news!

This would also be my preference so hopefully we will have a sdk2 version of better logic before we can upgrade to Homey 2.0

Yes, it is a lot of work! Imagine you find out after upgrading to Homey 2.0 and you can only migrate/rebuilt on the mobile app as the web interface will not be available after :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I have switched off auto update, for that specific reason!

Would be a nightmare if Homey auto updates and leaves you want 50+ broken flows and a new tiny interface to repair the flows.

One good thing. The community at least hasn’t lost their marbles:

The people behind HomeyDash are also working on a webbased tool to manage your flows, though a test-version isn’t in the Homey App store currently (I read somewhere that Athom doesn’t want to allow it before they have released Homey 2.0, but I can’t find the reference. It seems like they don’t like the fact that the community has another view than they have)

This is the best news I heard for a long time!!:smiley:

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Same for me. I’ll probably wait for at least a week. Don’t like to walk around in the dark :sweat_smile: