Listen to all change events


I have a lot of my custom automation things on AWS so I would like to simple stream (simple POST to a endpoint on AWS) all events changes. That is everytime a sensor gets a new value, everytime a button is pressed, etc then I would like to create a app listening to these events and do a HTTP call out and then I can act on it (send it to my Alexa spot, a LaMetric, etc).

Is there anyway to listen on all devices events changes from an App? There is not a problem to create a simple Cron task that runs every minute or so but I just like the whole thing with acting only when there is a change and act on it as fast as possible.

Any pointers if it is possible or should I go the cron task route?


Check out @HarriedeGroot MQTT Hub/Gateway app, which publishes all device changes to an MQTT broker.

FWIW, creating an HTTP request for each change seems rather resource-unfriendly to me, using MQTT or even a WebSocket is much more “streaming” that separate HTTP requests.