Lightning detector

I don’t see this any on this forum, but it would be great if someone can create a lightning detector app, like: if close, send push “Thunder in the area”. Based on these maps:

The site seems to forbid its data for use with something like Homey: uses the same data.

Thanks for your reply. That’s to bad :(.

Update: maybe?

Im looking for the same thing.
I want to shut off the alarm if a lightning is close by.
If the power goes, then my alarm starts.
it quite annoying in the nights

I have a misol lightning detector in the garden.
Bought it on Aliexpress.
Connects to Homey using the misol gateway and the Homey misol app.

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This can be fun, attached to a smart implant input, like:
Shelly Wifi implant
Fibaro smart implant (z-wave plus)

Does it need to be outside?
It does not look like it isn’t waterproof, im living in Denmark and it is raining a lot :slight_smile:

How long time does the batteries work?

It is for outside. I have only had mine for 2 weeks so not sure how long the battery will last but I think it is at least one year.

What about the gateway, how it it powered, USB?
What is the black wire for?


The Home Assistant/HACS has a lightning alarm with a map. The warnings can be passed on to Homey via MQTT.

Yes, power is via USB. The black wire is a temperature and Humidity probe.

I have just placed a order :slight_smile:


Hi Uwe, what component do you use? The Hacs component from Github user mrk-its?
Is the map a component, too? Or is it a webpage inside an IFrame?

The map is an inset website

I don’t know anything about programing but this site we use in norway/ Swedenm/Denmark/finland

Hi Adrian,

Are those lightning strikes in realtime within the Homey? Or will they only be received every 80 seconds?

Every 79 seconds according to the specification ECOWITT Welcome to Ecowitt!