Light doesn't turn on with last brightness

Today I installed a Qubino ZMNHHD1. Everything is working fine and I can dim my lights connected to the dimmer by using the app, some flows or Google Assistent. However, when I turn them off with a brightness which is not 100% and then turn it back on, it always turns on with a brightness of 100%. Is there a way to make it save the latest brightness and use that once it gets turned on again?

Dont know this switch.
But if the switch does not support the memory, homey can…
Use the group memory app

I do not know the dimmer either, but on the Qubino website I found the this:

I do know this dimmer and your problem is known, reported it to Athom, and they are investigating this for more than a year now.
For now, I switch the light on by the command DIM TO 50%.

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And I second that, it’s been over at least a year since I first send the bug report. There are a number of issues they claim to be working on for over a year. Annoying because it would seem a fairly small and easy issue to fix.

Funny fact, today I received the response from athom saying there can’t reproduce the issue. Ridiculous of course! After having the case open for over a year, now they can’t reproduce…

I got it to work by using a variable that gets updated when the dimmer turns off. Then I use that variable to dim to when I want to turn the dimmer on. Had to use a virtual device to make it work with Google Assistant/Home.

Thanks for all the help!

Nice solution, although it is working around the issue. Could you, like @JPe4619 and I already did also open a ticket? Just e-mail the case to . Only way to get it sorted in a native manner.

I’ve dropped them an e-mail :slight_smile:. Let’s hope for the best.

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