Liability in case of irresponsible use of my Homey App

Hey all,

A less technical question that is still very relevant to us developers; I have written a Homey app that is controlling a Wifi controllable gas fireplace.

Normally the fireplace can be turned on and off etc. using a IOS app, but never scheduled or automated, but with Homey you could do that. Seeing how that could go wrong is not hard to imagine. (e.g. unintentionally keeping a fireplace running MAX for weeks when someone is on holiday)

I would publish it to the app store, but I dont wanna take any responsiblity for the user burning their house down. So given that, do you guys think it is responsible to share this app? And would I in any way be held liable if anything happens to users of the app?

This is the app that I fake to be, using Homey: (edited)

Yea, the “Don’t dry your cat in the microwave oven” issue…

Simpy close the door before leaving the room :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you could say that if they leave the house, they have to close the gasline?

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