LG WebOS gives ECONNREFUSED error when trying to connect to my LG OLED55C7V


When I want to add my tv with the Homey app LG WebOS I get this Message:

request to http://ip address tv:1855/ failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED < ip address tv> :1855

The returned ip is correct.
WiFi is on on the LG TV.
WiFi direct is on (Homey not showing in the list of the LG tv) on LG TV.
LG connect Apps is on On the LG TV.

I Port forwarded Port 1855 on my router to my LG tv ==> no result.

I tried the iPad app “LG TV plus” on my iPad. This does a similar thing and works with no problem.

What can I do to get the Homey app “LG WebOS” to work with my LG OLED55C7?

Thanks in advance.


App from athom has multiple issues, you could try this app made by community. You have to install it via CLI (search this forum how to)

Thanks Kevin,
I will study this alternative to see If it could be something for me.

Maybe late to the party, but after testing to (re)connect my LG G1 tv to Homey, it seems like the way to go is to:

  • Turn TV on
  • Open the Home page (not home dashboard, but ribbon or page with apps)
  • Try connecting now

This seems to work everytime for me, and of I don’t open the ‘WebOS-app’, it keeps refusing to connect.

Now the thing that bothers me with this, is that when you create a flow that needs WebOS (maybe just for WebOS 6?) It just won’t work.
Somehow it needs to be opened to make any kind of connection.
As an example, a flow which starts the Disney+ app won’t work, due to not being able to open WebOS first.
Testing the flow with the home page already loaded, opens the Disney+ app fine.

If there only was a way to either bypass the WebOS (6) homepage or start it up before launching an app.
The LG remote has no issues with a Disney+ button which does the trick, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.
Alas I’m not a dev…

Any ideas on how one could overcome this issue?

I found out that you can use the Homey IR app to add an IR device, and then go to LG Code Group 1 for a few extra items, like starting the Netflix or Amazon app. Alas, no Disney…
But there are ways to start the WebOS 6 home page. Only my brainfart of starting Disney from there doesn’t work either… Weird…