LG Thinq controlled by external Zigbee temperature sensor

I am getting started with Homey Pro and I would like to establish the following:

  • I have several LG Thinq2 units in my house (PC12SQ NSJ and PM05SP NSJ)
  • The internal temperature sensors are not very useful, because they are internal
  • I have bought and installed SONOFF SNZB-02 Zigbee thermostats
  • All components are registered to my Homey Pro and put in their relevant zones
  • Communication between Homey Pro and the devices has been tested and verified

I would now like to control an airco-units’ status and functions based on temperature and humidity info coming from the relevant thermostat(s). How do I make the airco unit ignore its internal temperature sensor and just rely on my Flow commands?

Or am I completely missing the point on how to combine these two components?

AFAIK that’s only possible with a hardware modification: GitHub - JanM321/esphome-lg-controller: Wired controller for LG HVAC units using ESPHome and ESP32

But I don’t think it’s supported by Homey.

That is of course not the answer that I was hoping for :wink:, but it is an answer (and a fast one at that) so thank you for that!

To make you feel better…

I tried with vthermo and got very far with automating/reacting to temperature changes to start/stop the airco with the Sensibo app for Homey (Sensibo sky is an after market device with an app that allows me to (remotely) do everything with any airco).

Vthermo can automatically read temperature value of a sensor or thermostat in one or more zones and eg. average them, then activate and thermostat/fan as well (or you can create more detailed flows)

Even with Vthermo I ended up with so many flows to achieve my preferences that I deleted them all.

Now I’m using just Sensibo without automations in Homey and my life is simpler. But the Sensibo costs €75 or so.

I do have some simple flows that check if the airco is on and then disable or enable the fan.

My bottom line: best stick to a dedicated solution/app which is designed for that.

Thanks @Rrrr , it seems that letting the airco do what it does is the best way forward.

On the other hand… I could of course use the external sensor’s temperature readout to increase the desired temperature on the airco if I find that it shuts down too early (as it reaches its temp based on internal sensor).

Funny how explaining a problem that you are struggling with to an other person actually often brings you closer to a solution :smiley:

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