Letting one light turn on others

Hi would it be possible to let one light trigger other lights ?

For instance Ikea motion sensor activates ceiling lights.
These ceiling lights activate a smart plug ?

Sure, just make a flow.
When ceiling lights turn on, then power on plug.

Thanks for the swift reply.

Why not just use the “Motion -> Light on” flow to switch the plug as well?

I dont have a Homey yet but sounds great!

Still having to convincing the wife hahaha

Haha, good luck with that!

Possible as well of course, but since he explicitly asked to activate with the ceiling lights…
Might have been for a specific reason :slight_smile:

But since ger010 doesn’t have a Homey yet, I guess not :wink:

I had been thinking of possible reasons before I posed the question, but couldn’t think of any reason. :smiley:

Could you think of any use case?

Sure, maybe sometimes the ceiling lights are being turned on in another way than the motion sensor
(motion only during the night, during the day a switch is used to manually turn on the ceiling lights)
The power plug wouldn’t be powered on then :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s useful! :+1:
But with a motion sensor already turning the light on there’s no need for that (or the motion sensor isn’t hooked up to Homey, then it would be the way to go).

HI all,

in the kitchen we have an Ikea system running.
I checked but Homey does not support the sensor yet.
Therefore I was thinking about letting the lights trigger
the light under the kitchen cupboards.