Leaving home together registration issue


First of all i have this simmular tread also in dutch section but i place it here also because i think the english/us language has a bigger community.

I have a simple question for many, but because I am still learning I cannot solve this even when i tried the search button.

I have a flow as I go out the house with my wife, but the flow is not working properly because when i go out and it start the flow the registration of my wife phone is to slow so the better logic thinks that she is at home. when it is registered my flow is already done.
It works when she is already gone.
I know if i make the flow the same but other names on my wife’s phone it wil work but her interest is not at the homey she would have nothing to do with the homey because otherwise when she leaves the dog out the homey thinks she is gone bla bla bla :sweat_smile:

Basically the flow checks if Wendy is gone when better logic hasn’t registered yet.
Does anyone had a solution for this.

Thanks for you’re time.

(i translate the uploaded flow from dutch to english.

Just make for you and the wife different flows where you set a boolean to true or false when away/home

Then use both booleans to let homey know that you both away/home.

Or make number variable set 1 for each. So when the number is 2 you both away

You should specify what you want to accomplish, instead of how you think it should work. In the Dutch thread you failed to respond to why the solutions people suggest do not fit your (yet to be disclosed) purpose. otherwise you’ll get the same answers in another language.

It still looks like you arre trying to reimplement “the last person left.”. If you want to make sure that the last person is you, add a test for yourself in the and. But if you leave together with your wife, it will fail 50% of the time depending in who’s absence is detected first. Than maybe add a or clause similar to “ I left less than … minutes ago”.