Language support: Italian

Amazon Alexa will be lanched in italy this week, Google home is already sold to thousand of people.
I want to buy homey due to its software architecture but… what about the integration with italian voice systems (Google Home/Siri/Echo) it works? Can I contribute in someway?

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I’m an italian software developer and I already own and use Homey: if I can contribute on developing the italian skill for Alexa integration, please let me know.


Please, I have Alexa but it’s not possibile to use it because a Italian Skill for Homey in not present!!!

yes for sure, i’m a developer too and I already have done some alexa skills, we can create an OS project for it. just we have to choose if is better to start with alexa or google assistant. Also the apis v2.0 allow to integrate a full working solution for voice tools. but… i don’t have an homey to test it :frowning:

Any news?