Alexa & Spanish skill

Hi, Is there any plans to launch Amazon Alexa skill for Homey in Spain?

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I guess Homey itself would first be needed to be translated into Spanish, as Spanish to something English is not going to work.
There is no timeline for any translations.

You can find some more information here :


But generally speaking no plans to launch an Alexa skill for Homey in Spanish have been announced to the community.

Thanks for your replies and sorry for my poor english I’m from Spain and is not my first language, but I understand english language.

My question to enable Amazon skills was to able have all my Homey devices exposed in Alexa, and controlled from it.

I think there’s no need to translate Homey on another language because is Alexa who controls them and send commands to Homey:

Hi Ruben and everyone,

I received my Homey device today and was expecting to use it the same as you. I was thinking if switching Alexa to English language, install the Homey skill and then switch back to Spanish will do the trick… Anyone knows?

I don’t think that would work, in order to change a devices language you need to hard reset it.

I do however currently have one alexa device running en_AU while the others all run en_US, but I am unable to install en_AU skills upon it.

But I could be wrong, i’ve only played around with switching from American to Australian, English to Spanish might be different.

Good Luck

Does anybody have any update on the eventual support of Spanish language for Homey skill?

Thanks in advance

Now, that Homey works in Spanish, seems logic to update Homey Skill on Alexa to Spanish. Any news on that?

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I’m waiting for it, too. I’ll be very happy.

Any news about the Spanish translation for the Alexa Homey skill? Thank you very much

hello from Barcelona, I contacted Athom to have some info about the skill availability on Spanish Alexa and this was their answer last March 23rd:

Thank you for contacting Athom support!
*As for now Alexa is only available to contact to Homey with English. *
You can make a feature request via this form. Could you fill out the form so we can add your feature request to our list?
Thanks in advance!
If you want to stay posted on our software updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
Best Regards,
The Athom support team.

I placed the feature request the same day and suggest you guys, do the same.

Thank you oqpao! Just placed the featute request, too.

I hope that the skill can be available soon, since Homey has been translated months ago.

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Hi, I placed the request too.

Thanks guys! I hope Homey make Alexa skill available in Spanish!

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Hi guys!

I asked a question in Amazon some time ago about when was going to be available the skill in Spanish and they have just answered me. This is what they say:

They are working with Amazon and it is supposed to be available soon. I hope so!