KPN Android tv box problem

I have linked my KPN Android TV box to the Homey pro. But since today the KPN TV box can no longer be operated. Tried to fix it several times and also deleted and added it again. But I can’t do it, I keep getting an error message after repairing/adding.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Have added a screenshot of the error message I get.

Hello Remco, and welcome.

Can’t find any KPN app :man_shrugging:
So, which app, and which Homey are you using? We’re not clairvoyants, at least I’m not :crazy_face::wink:

Ps. it’s not a good idea to post your Homey ID here.
(It’s shown in the URL)

Hello Peter thank you!

It is a kpn box that runs on android tv. I tried many things, but the most logic solution was the solution. I unplugt the android tv from the power for 30 seconds and then plugt the power in again. That solved the problem, because it hard reset the android tv.

Thanks for the tip i removed the photo. I’m new to homey so have much to learn haha

No problem. Glad you solved it.
I’m still curious what Homey app you are using for that device?

Android TV App for Homey | Homey I am using it for my Chromecast with Google TV. Beacause of some cards options not in Chromecast.

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Ah, why couldn’t I think of that hehe. Thanx.

Haha yeah that was exacly my thouht after it. 9 out of the 10 times is that de solution to a problem with a device haha.