KNX communication with Homey

Hi all,
From last update I have problems of receiving commands from KNX system.
For ex. one switch witch was working before if I give command from Homey interface I receive it on KNX, but if I give the same command from KNX I don’t see the modification on Homey. It looks like communication is working only from Homey to KNX, but is not working from KNX to Homey.
Homey version is 6.1.0
App version
KNX app version is 1.1.4
Any suggestions?

I have the same problem. Telegrams from homey are received by KNX but Homey seems not to receive any telegram from KNX. No temperature, no light status, nothing. Any suggestion from anyone would be highly appreciated.

Solved. I replace my KNX IP interface with the Weinzierl 731 from Homey which seems to have solved my problem. Strange but true.