KNMI weatherdata

I have a problem with the KNMI-app, or I don’t understand the flow :slight_smile:
I’ve made a API after installing the app. But I guess I’m not receiving any data. This flow isn’t working, because the variables aren’t changing.

Am I missing something here?

Did you use the tags from the knmi app? When adding the tags search for the knmi app tags and put them in your flow. Maybe it works.

Do the data in the knmi app update them selves? So not your problem could maybe be the api?

And ofcourse try to restart the knmi app

Yes, I am using the tags from the app itself. These are called (in this example) “Plaats” and “Huidige temperatuur”. I’ve created two variables, called “knmi_plaats” which is a text variable, and “knmi_temp_huidig” which is a number variable.

I run this flow by hand and have another flow that triggers it every 10 minutes with a 30 second delay, to have the most recent data available. I have restart the app, but without any effect.

If you push the Test button in your flow you can see if the problem is at the THEN part. If this works the problem has to be at the WHEN part. In that case does the knmi app give you up to date data in the app itself?

@Luke_Vredeveld ,

I am not sure what you want to achieve.

“Plaats” will probably never change as it is related to the location of your Homey. So not sure what you want with that.

But if you want to know if the current temperature is changed, you can use the KNMI card called “Huidige temp is veranderd”. You can even do the same if “Plaats” has changed. You can use a lot more values in the IF statement if they have changed. Maybe that works better.

As you do put the values in a variable, maybe you want to use them in another flow as an AND statement.
The KNMI app itself only has one card (unfortunately) as AND: “Het is licht of onbewolkt” and the option of now, today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
But there is more available by using the logic cards. For instance with temperature you can use the “is bigger than” card where you can chose the KNMI current temperature as value (pressing the “…” and it will show it in the list) and enter whatever value you want in the “number” field. Keep in mind not all logic cards can refer to the KNMI app as some only work with self defined variables and some logic cards (like bigger than) only work with numbers of course.

Does this help a bit?

Maybe if you try out in the WHEN the change of the temperature or so and push a notification, you can find out if it works there.

If not, make sure that you configured the app correct with a good API key.