Joining the Homey movement!

Hi all finally I managed to buy a second hand Homey for a normal price.
Now awaiting the mail men to deliver the package.
In advance I would like to say sorry for all questions that will follow shortly :smile:

Before starting shooting questions, check the forum (this one and the old forum ) and the athom support site if you’re questions are already answered :wink:

Cheers and have much fun with you’re Homey

any news on the search option activation on the old forum @anon2681894 ?

Use Google to search on the old forum: “searchstring”

the old forum had a wealth of knowledge and searching that way through the historic stuff is not user friendly. such a shame.

Searching via google works, its not user friendly.
But this is a free forum so I’m happy people take
the time to moderator and keep it up and running.

As for joining the movement it did not work out.
The seller got a better price from someone else and
backed out 

This was very disappointing, however I now feel it
was a blessing in disguise !

For me (and selling points to the wife  ) following
is important. The presence and speech options.

I’m reading about a lot of problems with both options.
And Athom decided to stop with research and updates
for the speech option entirely.

So for now I’m back on the fence perhaps with the issue
of firmware 2.0 things will change (I hope so).

Since Homey was first announced, quite a few large companies have gotten involved in speech in the home. (Cortana, Siri, Alexa, Ok Google).

These companies have the resources and engineers to really take speach to the next level, as we have been experienced over the last couple of years. It makes a lot of sense for Athom (to me) to focus on the smart home hub - and if you want speech - just buy a $40 Dot/ Mini.

You can get a full break down of this in Athoms own words here :

Facebook Messenger :
Amazon Alexa :
Google Assistant :


Can’t find any reviews on the old forum. My search ends with the HomeyScript - share your scripts - main discussion topic.Then, when I try to search the forum threads on my Android (go to Categories or Recent Discussions), it redirects me to the message: This is the forum archive of Homey. For more information about Homey, visit the Official Homey website. Perhaps I should try to open the forum on my PC.