Issues Updating Homey To Version 10.3.4

My Homey is setup for Auto updates. I noted for the first time I have an Update Dialog (within Updates) to version 10.3.4. There is a Download & Install initiate area at the bottom. I have tried both on my WebUi (Win11) and my iOS app to update. In each case I get a response that its downloading and the Homey will restart once competed. I come back about 10 minutes later either in the same state or back at the starting point to initiate the process. Anyone having similar issues? I could not find any references to this anomality.

I have the exact same issue :exploding_head:

Tried contacting support but no response…

I’m also not able to install apps. It just times out. Are you able to install apps?

Any suggestions for fix welcome :blush:

I have contacted support as well via their link. Have received a response yet…
i also have contacted support via a different ticket about failures trying to download apps. Includes timeout, can’t find server among a few other. Have received a response which are mostly questions at this time. Periodically I am successful at downloading an app.

At first when i Bought the home pro the “OTA” update worked a couple of times, when i got to 10.2 something it stoped working for me. So i kept updating with usb on a computer on every update. And now the 10.3.4 finally worked again, but with some hassle with restarting etc.

I use dual network both ethernet and wifi so think that has been the issue for me, read some where there where a improvement for this. But i dont expect it to work either, so for now i will be “Will it work this time?”. :slight_smile:

What if you do not use dual network?

When you are on the homey app on your phone; is there a difference between local network or throught the cloud?

And probably not a solution but: Port Forwarding is now live | Homey News is giving an alternative way to reach homey from the outside

edit 1: can you ping your homey?

I successfully updated using chrome today :+1:

Still not able to install apps though :weary: