Issue with Danfoss LC13 combined with Heating scheduler in advanced flow

I’m using the Heating scheduler to change the temperature setting of my Danfoss LC13 valves. A Flow is triggered when the set temperature of the LC13 changes and this flow uses this set temperature as input. But one change of temperature in the heating scheduler leads to 3 triggers I receive in Homey:

  • first one immediately after the Heating scheduler initiates a change in temperature (set temperature received in homey is the real new set temperature)
  • second one presumably after the LC13 wakes up and sends the set temperature to Homey (because on the valve the temperature has not yet changed, it reports the previous set tempearture)(homey receives the old set temperature)
  • third one after the LC13 was really updated with the new set temperature (homey receives the new set temperature)

From a timing perspective it looks like 06:00 first start of the flow, 06:06 second start of the flow, 06:24 third start of the flow.

On the Fibaro system that I used before there was a differentiation in the current set temperature of the LC13 and the new goal temperature. It looks like this differentiation is not made in Danfoss’ Homey app.

I implemented a check in the flow to see if the new reported temperature isn’t in fact the old set temperature and in that case ignore the trigger, but it’s not ideal.

Anyone has a clue if this can be fixed? Is this typical behaviour of Danfoss?

You forgot to add your flow.:wink:

Are you writing HH:mm or mm:SS ?

Advanced triggers will probably allow you to bypass this issue with a debounce.
Or, more simple, let each trigger store the new temperature in a variable T.
Create a new flow with WHEN trigger T has changed.