Integral and Derivative of Insights

Hello! I am trying to calculate the amount of rain fallen in last X amount of hours. I have a sensor that records the mm of rain and stores it in insights. Do you know any way of calculating the integral of such variable over the interested period of time?

Also, the derivative function (rate of change over time) would be very interesting to compute for many use cases

Reference 1: Integration - Riemann sum integral - Home Assistant
Reference 2: Derivative - Home Assistant


Have you searched the app store for apps that might provide these tools?

(Psst, the Insight Trends app might be a start)


Yes, no luck at the moment

Insight trends allows you to compute the average value, you can’t get the rate of change nor the integral of the function

And more (as suggested by the word “trend” in the name).

Well, not all apps are ‘static’, it’s possible an app developer could add features. You’re free to make a feature request.