Instead of count down

I had a look a the count down app and found no really use full guide so I was thinking to do a quick and dirty solution but it comes down to in what order flow execute things. So here is may plan. If a detector is activate i will in the first row of the flow turn on a ligth and then in the second row turn of the same ligth with a delay of lets say 120 seconds. My hope is that the flow will run in sequnce by first turning on ther ligth and then turning off with the delay and there by mimic the count down app. Wil this work?

It will not work. When the flow is triggered, it will run. After 120s it will shut down the light.
If you run the flow within these 120s it will just run a second instance. So the 1st running instance will still shut down the light after 120s

Maybe you like the timer app better?
(i do)

There are a lot of samples out there for exactly this situation. If you use a timer, it needs to be started on the “movement has stopped”, otherwise continuous movements might not restart the timer. New movement should then abort the timer.

A solution without timers is to use the zone activates / deactivates. There’s an option to put a delay in the ‘deactivates’ trigger that does exactly what you need.

You can use search to find examples of both solutions.