Insights2SQL with MariaDB/QNAP-NAS?

I didn’t find an app topic for the Insights2SQL app? So I start here…

I tried to connect the app with a database on a MariaDB server on a QNAP NAS.
I got an error “connection test failed: Connection Error: connection lost - socket hang up (ESOCKET) / uncought exception: RangeError [ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OFBOUNDS]…”.

I only created the DB and assigned the user/PW and used the server IP + default Port 3306

Is it possible to use any simple SQL database or is MS-SQL needed?
Is it still needed to create tables like written in app description? Or will the app create the tables itself for selected capabilities?

Any help or hints are welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry to disappoint, but indeed it’s only ment for Microsoft SQL databases.

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Thanks for the clarification. I hoped it’s some kind of OpenSQL working with common SQL datases :relaxed:

I tried that, but the number of NodeJS modules needed for such a solution make the app too big to run on Homey :disappointed_relieved:

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