Increment 24 variables + 1

I have 24 variables. First variable called KNMI 24:00 uur is set to [00], Variable KNMI 01:00 uur is set to [01], and so on. The last variable is called KNMI 23:00 uur and is set to [23]. What I want is change every variable every hour with 1. Variable KNMI 24:00 uur uur has to become [01], variable KNMI 01: 00 uur has to become [02]. But the last variable KNMI 23:00 has to become [00] instead of [24]. The brackets are needed in the variable, otherwise it does not work in the http get app. I did try without the brackets, but unfortunately that did not work.

Avoiding making 24 flows it would be great if this could be done in 1 flow, but i guess that will not be possible.

Why do I want this? With a GET command I get the KNMI weather forecast. Every hour that flow get data and extract those into the variables. But every hour all the data change one line. So to avoid making 24 flows for temperature i want to change the data field from line 0 into line 01, etc etc.
I also have to di the same for windspeed, bft, etc etc. I hope you get the idea.

What do I want this really? I like fooling around🤓

Have a look at Homey Script, there you can do for / next loops.

Thx will do that, hope it is not to complex for me.

At this moment to complex for me. Don’t know anything about Java. Someone a solution or a script that i can alter to my needs?