In what order should I connect to Homey?

After using, and learning a lot for almost two years I decided to reset my Homey Pro 2019 to factory settings and start from scratch. After resetting to factory settings, some questions came to me.

Most of my lights are HUE, and I have chosen to keep them on HIE bridge and to Homey from there. I also have some IKEA trådfri which goes through IKEA Home 1. And then I have some Sonos speakers and a television set.

Looking in the developer tool there’s only Homey showing in the zigbee table, even though all the lights are connected. Probably because they are connected through the HUE bridge.

My question is should I take some of the lights and connect them directly to Homey and then get a better zigbee net? And the IKEA and sonos, are there any advantages connecting the one before the other? And is there anything else you would give me as an advice when I am rebuilding the whole setup on my Homey.

Regards Jan

Personally, I have kept everything Hue with Hue bridge.

  1. Firmware updates can be installed vie the Hue bridge.
  2. I get some separation of duties and failure resiliance
  3. When something weird is going on with Homey Pro, Hue lights continue to work.

I have a number white brand tuya zigbee devices directly in Homey.

My priority was to make sure that lighting works. Did have one scare this week when Hue bridge itself was updating and no lights were working.

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Correct. Hue zigbee and Homey zigbee are completeley unaware of eachother and don’t ‘share’ devices.
Your Hue devices connect to Homey by (W)LAN.

Ikea: note you can add (certain) devices to the Hue bridge afaik.
To add Ikea devices directly to Homey, keep in mind to build a Homey zigbee mesh as well; first fix your 2.4GHz channel to preferably 1, 6 or 11.
Reset Homey zigbee, it finds a quiet channel automatically.

Make sure the Hue zigbee channel does not interfere with the Homey zigbee channel ánd Wifi channel.

Sonos: this is wifi connected if I’m right, so it is not important if you add it before or after adding Ikea zigbee devices.