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I wanted to share a “project” I did a few months ago.

I was confronted with a question (not homey related) from a person living alone.
When you’re alone (regardless the age) you don’t have the daily social control of someone checking if you’re ok (to make sure you didn’t fall from the stairs or something).
Yes, maybe you’ve got several social connections but will they always notice when you don’t contact them?

Ofcourse you don’t want to bother someone by asking them to check if you are ok on a daily basis.
I was searching for an existing app for handling this.
An app allowing someone to mark he/she is ok on a regular basis, automatically sending out a message to key contacts when the user fails to do so.
Couldn’t find it.

Now I came up with a simple “solution”:

By visiting a link (make shortcut on mobile device) someone can say he/she’s alive (daily).
This link triggers a flow in homey, setting a logic to the current date.
Every evening homey checks this logic, making sure it is set to today’s date.
If it’s different I’ll get a notification and some other contacts will be receiving an email.
This triggers me to reach out to this person with the question if he/she’s ok.
It’s simple but it works.
The person living alone has a silent back-up without any unnecessary presure on his/her contacts.

Some additional remarks in case of failure and for failure checking:

  • Every first of the month we’re checking if everything is still operational, simply by NOT visiting the link and with that, triggering the notification and emails.
  • If Homey were to be offline, the person visiting the link will notice this, as the regular “ok” response from Homey will not appear on the screen.

Don’t let your life depend on this possibility but it’s a silent additional check.
Wanted to share this in case some of you are facing a similar situation.


Good idea, Niek.
Just an alternative idea:
You could place a few motion- / door sensors at f.i. living room, stairs, kitchen.
Then create a flow set like

And a similar flow set for the contact sensors.

Or you can use the “This zone became active” triggercard

@Peter_Kawa, I assume that the person living alone has no Homey, no SmartHome.

Nice job Niek, thanks for sharing. :+1:

What a beautiful and good idea. I live myself and recently passed out twice when they came from medical care, I was lucky that the delivery person could call 112 for me. On Samsung phones, the newer models have the bixby routines, which can be compared with the commands app on iPhones. What you can do then is a routine that calls the routine a webhook every time you start the apps, for example the homey app, Instagram, Facebook or Watssapp. Which then controls a yes/no variable. If the variable is no, you can have a push notification sent.

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Missed that part completely, and this is a Homey forum :hugs: :wink:

I guess there’s probably a misunderstanding.
Of course, Niek has a Homey, but the person who is supposed to report once a day that he is OK (via link) does not live in the same house and does not have a Homey or SmartHome.

@Niek1, maybe you can clarify the situation? :blush:

No it’s is explained by Niek. I just missed it :grin:

And, as this is not a Homey topic here :wink: then may-be not the phone, but watch. They also claim to have a built in “Detect fall feature”. Not requiring other/additional devices. But, yes, this does not work, when not wearing watch and also, suspecting, that not detecting the “silent accident”.

Indeed this person doesn’t have a homey or any smart devices (except smartphone). :+1:

Good idea!
I’m aware of “tasker” but I didnt’t want to install to much apps on this persons device. I will look for the bixby routines but as you mention “newer models” I gues it’s not on the device of the person I made this for :sweat_smile:. Nevertheless I’ll google it, never heard of bixby routines.