IKEA Tradfri: Turns bulb off when turn socket on


I have a Tradfri Socket and a.RGB bulb.
Until yesterday they worked perfectly - turn on /off.
But now, something changed. I havn’t done anything in my setup or flows.

Issue - there are two scenarios.

Scenario 1:
1: Turn on the socket
2: Turn on the bulb
Result: Socket turns off immediately after the bulb turns on

Scenario 2:
1: Turn on the bulb
2: Turn on the socket
Result: After 5-6 seconds, the bulb turns off.

I have tried to removes both devices and add them again. Nothing changed - still same problem.

Can someone help???


When I turn a Sonos Play:1 and the the socket afterwards and at last the bulb - everything turns off.

Any body have any ideas???

with everything do you mean sonos, the socket and the light?

is this within a flow? or is it manually?

Yes - all three devices turns off.

When its programmed in a flow (which should turn all the devices on, see picture), it all turns on for 1-3 seconds, and then turns all the devices off again.

if you go to more -> apps -> tradfri which flows are connected to that app? Maybe there is a flow that does something strange?

also which firmware are you on at homey?

Oh. Clash of flows! :roll_eyes: