Ikea app cant add devices, error with exclamation mark

Since a few weeks i cant add Ikea devices.
See added image.

Reinstallation of the Ikea app or a hard reboot does not solve the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?

what firmware version are you on ??

Thanks for your reaction.

I’m on 2.4.1. Had the problem already since 2.3.0.

(Hardware is a Early 2019 Homey)

Try updating to 2.5.0
And check if your homey app is up to date

Updated to 2.5.0.
App is now up to date (actually bit ashamed I didnt check that before, thanks)…

Anyhow, same problem, even after reboot.

Thanks in advance.

2.5.0 has a new way of ‘starting’ Zigbee . it can take up to 20 minutes until Zigbee is completely fired up… Can you check after ±30 min if the issue is still there??

Waited for 25 minutes and the problem seemes to be solved!

Thanks so much for the help! Made my day!

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