IFTTT and HomeConnect

A surprise in the e-mail today. Homey ending their IFTTT intergration. I started using IFTTT due to the rubbish intergration of HomeConnect and Homey. 9 out of 10 times I didnt get a message announcing that the laundry was done over the Google Speaker downstairs. This was solved by IFTTT doing a perfect job by sending a telegram and announcing it over the speaker.

The Homey management states that and I quote “Homey has grown to offer a lot of functionality that’s similar, and sometimes even better, which is why we have decided to end our partnership with IFTTT.”

How is the HomeConnect app nowadays, is it stable enough? When I started using the Homeconnect with Homey I had to sign in to the app on a weekly basis, redo a flow every now and again and more often then not, the actual (live) status is not being refreshed. Looking in to Homey now, the door of my laundry machine opened 16 days ago and never closed… where in 16 days I did the laundry 16 times according to my telegram history. So excuse me, but I am having real doubts about “similar and sometimes even better functionality”.

I read about using webhooks and IFTTT. It is however another item on the list of Homey stuff that makes it more complicate to use and thus with more errors.

Similar question here.
Main reason for Buying Homey was the integration with Homeconnect and IFTTT.
Used it to automate the lights from my hood.
Lights of the hood are not included in the Homeys’ Homeconnect app, so I need IFTTT to get it working.
Is there a workaround available or will there be a paid option to keep on using IFTTT?

In addition, the HomeConnect app and the “functionality that’s stated to be similar or sometimes even better.” /endsarcasm.

This morning starting a new laundry.

The door was openend and closed whilst the machine was on, not according to the app. The progress on the program is not being refreshed (total program time was 1h 10 mins). The time remaining is correct (41 minutes).

And this night I got 2 telegrams reporting the laundry was done. Ghost messages since the machine was not doing laundry in the middle of night. They were not delayed messages.