I cannot remove my last name from Homey: how do I do that?

I registered Homey with my first and last name, but now every time I use the name tag it reads my full name. I can’t remove my last name from my account… how do I fix this. It’s quite annoying

Just type a dot (.) for ur last name?

How is that pronounced? Rocodot?


Hahaha. Just name it whatever u like was the message. When I come home the Sonos is yelling that the boss is coming home. Be creative! :wink:
Could also be Ro Co and u have it all.

Renzo . seems fine, the doesn’t say it. Thanks.
But it would be nice if Homey let that lastname field just empty. Or just used only the given name.

I know. It would also be nice if Homey wasn’t restarting by itself instead of having a dark mode on the developers page but …
Glad it works for u!

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