Hybrid working double light switch - conventional and smart


On a spot where there is a (single) “conventional” light switch to turn off or on a “conventional” light, I would like to place a kind of a hybrid double switch - something like the klikaanklikuit AWST-8802.
One half of the double switch still acts “conventional” for the “conventional lighting”, but the other half will work smart linked to Homey for “smart lighting”.

I do not think the AWST-8802 also connects to a “conventional” wall socket. I also do not think the klikaanklikuit smart wall sockets like ACM-2000 or ACM-3000H2 will do what I want. And I do not think the AWST-8802 can be connected to the ACM-2000. But maybe I am wrong?

Is there such a thing of any brand to make this possible in an easy way?


You can connect anything to anything in Homey if you have an app for the device.

You don’t really explain your use case, but I suggest using a “conventional” double switch and connect one half of it to a Shelly Plus 1 (or any of the equivalent products from different manufacturers). There are options for WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth etc. You will most likely need to add a neutral line though if it isn’t already present.

I do not have an app for the device. I do not mention anything on that area, so I do not understand your conclusion.

I already control the smart light via Homey to be turned on. But turning off via de remote, although I could also do it via Homey. And instead of the remote, I would like add a smart light switch connected to Homey to turn off that smart light - just as a quality of life add on.

Thanks for the reply Henrik.

Though, sorry but I do not see why I do not explain the case.

Just take the AWST-8802 as an example. You see it is a double wall switch, one half of the switch on the left hand side, and one right. BTW: it can be a “dumb” double wall switch too if that solves the question, but the picture is just to show what I want.

Now I want the left light switch to activate a flow in Homey to do something (turn off a light and some other things).
But I want the right switch to activate a “dumb” light.
And I want to locate it on the spot where at this moment there is a single wall switch which is “dumb”.
That is the problem I described in my honest opinion.

You suggest the Shelly 1. I do understand that I can now link the “dumb” light to this and with that I make it smart and in fact I do not even have to use a switch. That is clear. Though that is overdone for what I want. I do not have to make the “dumb” light smart, there is no need for it. It can stay “dumb”, that is perfectly fine.

I only want to replace the current single light switch with a double one and let one half act as dumb and the other half as smart.

Though, I think I cannot do it as I want. I do think your proposed solution to make the dumb light smart and then add a smart double light switch to control both, is the way to go to get the result I want.

Unless someone else does have another solution, I will go with something like that. Thanks Henrik.

You didn’t explain the function of the “smart” half of the switch. Should it only be input, should it link directly to another unit or only to homey, should it switch a circuit?

I never suggested that you would change anything with the current function, just replace your current single wall switch with a similar double switch and connect one half of it to a product supported by Homey, Shelly Plus 1 being one possibility. So no, I didn’t propose to make the dumb light smart.

Thanks Henrik and sorry for the misinterpretation.

Clear. I will check it out and see if that fits to add something like the Shelly 1 behind the switch.

Thanks a lot!