Hue motion sensor. Notification when i get mail and packages. But not when i are picking it up

I managed to get a notification when i have recieved mail og a package in my mailbox.

I have a hue motion sensor.

When the motion sensor is trigged, i get a notification on my phone.

Only problem is, when i go to the mailbox to pick it up. I get the same notification.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Only trigger every other time or something?
Or, once triggered wait 12 hours before triggering again?


Try not to move when you get the mail? :crazy_face:

If the mailbox is outside, you could suppress the message shortly after the front door opened.

Otherwise it might be best to leave it as is. Getting the notification when you know to expect it is probably better than missing a notification because the rule isn’t perfect, especially when you are waiting for a package.

I’m using a Aquara vibration sensor for this. Postal service is once a day so after vibration was detected my flow is deactivated until the next day 07:00 AM.

How to disable a flow?

tor. 11. mar. 2021, 07:55 skrev Daniel Weber via Homey Community Forum <>:

Or you could add a doorsensor on your mailbox. When motion sensor is activated & doorsensor is inactive get a notification.

In the “Then…” section:
– add card → Flow → Disable a flow → Choose the relevant flow

But you have to activate the Flow again. You can do it in the same flow in the “Then…” section:
– add card → Flow → Activate a flow → Choose the relevant flow → Delay x minutes

In general there are several ways to optimize a mailbox.

I have a normal mailbox without a parcel box.
I have a door sensor on the insertion flap, as @Marcel_Ubels has already suggested, and a door/tilt sensor on the removal flap.
When a letter is dropped in and I am not home, I get a push message. But if I am home, I get an announcement through my Sonos.
When I get home and the mailbox hasn’t been emptied yet, I get a new push message to remember to get the mail.
And so on…

I use an Aqara vibration sensor and sits on the ba beside of my postbox. The postman usually drops the top of the postbox so that the sensor catches the vibration and notifies my on that way… and when I retrieve the mail it usually sends one more. Maybe smart to do as you want, to disable the flow. Then I only get one notification a day :smiley:

This is my notification (in Swedish) using Pushover: