Hue Iris LLC010

Hi all

I’m quitte new and already have issues
Hope you will help me (sorry for my bad english, I’m French and a bit rough)

I’ve got a Hue Iris LLC010 that worked correctly with my hue bridge. But I don’t want to use the bridge anymore
I know that LLC010 is supported by hue zigbee app but can’t set the light up

It always say “turn the light on…”

I should precise that Hue Iris is sold without any remote

If you have the Hue bridge, it works with Homey much better than connecting the Hue lamps directly to Homey. Why do you want to exclude the Bridge?

For 2 reasons :

Physical reason : I want to free up space (socket, RJ45, hub, cables, …)

Moral reason : I bought a 399€ domotic box that is able to do what I ask to do, so I want to make it happen

I bought this box to control mainly 3 things

  • Hue lamp : fail
  • Osram plug : success
  • Radio controlled shutters : fail (no application has been developed for my shutter motors)

I am somewhat frustrated

The Hue lamp works like it should with the Athom Philips Hue app but not with an app that is made by a community member because u cannot set it up. I find it a bit hard to call that a fail of Homey.

What brand of motor did you choose? For example Somfy works fine on my screens.
I am currently searching for 10 shutters for my new house and compatible with Homey is on top of the list. Even above the WAF

  • Wife Acceptance Factor

I have SELVE motors that are “not yet” supported by homey. I will have to add zwave switches
Be careful, I heard that radio protocol can’t send information more than 5 meters far

Regarding the WAF, just talk about security… (close your shutters when you’re not at home)
It always work

Hue lamp should work well with third part app, as the LLC010 has been certified by the application owner

But I did not meant that it’s a fail from Homey. I would have say “fail to synchronize the lamp”
I think it’s more due to the lamp than due to homey

What I was searching for is "how to make a hard reset of the iris hue to correctly pair it to Homey

(And one more time, sorry for my bad english)