Hue app via HomeyScript - individual device control working, but not setScene, groupOn, groupOff - hints & tips?

Oh goodness, yes, thank you! … that works

I had multiple mistakes and misunderstandings …

  • I hadn’t understood the structure, naming and therefore passing of the ‘scene’ within the args … scene: { … params …}.
  • I had skipped passing bridge_id … not thinking through what I was previously getting/doing courtesy of the Homey API/services, but that now I need to go via Philips Hue App for myself and out through the Hue Bridge.
  • And yes I was trying to control a scene by name, not by ID. I’m sure I had tried ID earlier in my battles, but lost that along the way while failing due to my other mistakes.

Having tried a few experiments, the essential requirements are the scene id and bridge_id. It is not necessary to give the description or scene name.

Here is an updated script, which shows the setScene action card structure, lists one or more of the scenes including scene id and bridge_id values, and if a specific scene was specified then it activates that scene.

// HomeyScript using Philips Hue official app from Athom B.V
// Developed using versions:
// - Philips Hue app v5.9.2
// - Homey Web App version 1.9.58
// - Homey Pro (Early 2023), version 10.0.0-rc.122

// Status as of 15-July-2023: working!
// Shows structure of Philips Hue app setScene action card
// Lists scenes (if given empty scene name), or shows & selects 1 specific scene by name
// Activates specific scene (if a specific scene name was given in the script)

const flowcard_uri = 'homey:manager:flow';
const owner_uri = '';
const card_id = '';
const card_arg_name = 'scene';

// edit to match an available Hue scene, or empty string to list all available scenes
const scene_name = 'Study';
// const scene_name = '';

var scene_id = null;
var bridge_id = null;

log('Get Philips Hue FlowCardActions');
const actionCards = await Homey.flow.getFlowCardActions();
for( const card of actionCards ) {
  if ( == card_id) {
    log('FlowCardActions for card id:', card_id);

log ('\n');
log('Get Philips Hue app setScene parameters');
const options = await Homey.flow.getFlowCardAutocomplete({
  uri: flowcard_uri,
  id: card_id,
  name: card_arg_name,
  query: '',
  type: 'flowcardaction'
var found_scene = false
for( scene of options ) {
  if( !(scene_name.length) || ( == scene_name) ) {
    log('setScene parameters for scene name: ',;
    scene_id =;
    bridge_id = scene.bridge_id;
  if ( scene_name.length && ( == scene_name) ){
    found_scene = true;

log('Setting scene (if specified & found)');
if (!found_scene){
  log('Did not find scene to activate');
} else {
  log('runFlowCardAction: uri=', owner_uri, '; id=', card_id, '; arg:', card_arg_name, '; bridge_id=', bridge_id, '; id=', scene_id);
  await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
    uri: owner_uri,
    id: card_id,
    args: {
      scene: {
        bridge_id: bridge_id,
        id: scene_id,
  .then(() => log('runFlowCardAction OK'))
  .catch(error => log(`runFlowCardAction Error:`, error));