Http post with variable

Hi experts
would be great if you can help

I am not able to send an http request post using a variable. What do I make wrong?

I will send the actual temperature of a room sensor to my heating system

If I send the http post request direct with a number at the end it is working
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-14 um 17.02.58

How can I do this with a variable at the end (actual room temperature)

Thanks a lot for your help

Add a tag (variable) to the URL string.? You cannot have dynamic URL’s, but I succeeded in adding a tag to the string.

I don’t know, but it works fine here. I use a BLL string variable by the way.
(Homey Logic has/had a bug where it adds a trailing whitespace to the values)

The tag is just a string as you can see, and the value of the BLL variable is 25.10:

Screenshot from 2023-11-15 03-24-35

Reply from the webhook listener flow: