How to use logic cards? (for noobs)

Hi all,
As I’m not a developer but would be eager to learn a bit, is there somewhere on this community or on the Athom page an explanation (with examples) of how to use logic? I have seen this page
but that does not really help me further.

To make it more concrete: I currently have a flow that checks the sun power at a certain frequency and if it reaches the benchmarked sun power, it’ll move down my sunscreens. However, I’d like to make it a bit more smart so that it won’t move down at each sun spike. Instead, it needs to wait until the spike has been reached x times before moving the screens.

I thought logic could help here so that every time the sun spike has been reached, it increases a number variable and when the number variable reaches a certain benchmark, it’ll move the screens and reset the number variable.
Only, I don’t know how to configure this. So any good tips or examples would be highly appreciated!

Probably you could follow the instructions and ideas in this Item:

Yes that helps! Thanks @JPe4619 !