How to start develop a Zigbee Driver

I am new to Homey and plan to develop a driver to support Third Reality Zigbee devices.

Here is my setup:
1: Create the free Homey Account and download the Homey App
2: Bought the Homey bridge and added it to my account.
3: Using CLI tool create the First app under docker, I looked tuya app and copied some PIRSENOR code as start point (change manufacture name and product id to match 3R device)
4: Run the APP and it showed on the Homey APP

Now I am stuck on how to test the app, how to kick off my system to interview the zigbee device so I can continue debug the code.

Any help will be appreciated.

If I understand you right, you can just add any unsupported device as General (Add - Homey - General) and then go to dev. console and interview that particular device. Based on that data, you can start developing your own driver.

Thank you, you are absolutely right, yes I can interview the device now. When I add to system, system tell me it cannot find the installed app for this device, so it is unknown device. I indeed configure the manufacture name and model id correctly, do you know what else I need to modify to make system recognize the app? Typically zigbee rely on VID/PID, but looks Homey is not required those.

I just wonder (not developer), have you gone through Zigbee - Homey Apps SDK ?

I did a quick glance of that doc. I was more or less looking for a tutorial of a Zigbee APP as a start point.

In such case, maybe and ? Emile is explaining that very nicely…

Thank you, the video helps. I actually made some progress and have the first Zigbee device showed up on my setup now. Unfortunately, I cannot see either motion value or the battery value showed up in my homey app, this lead me wondering whether the cloud+bridge is valid setup for the development of zigbee device or not, any advise?