How to show 'local network' web page (node-red) on Google Nest Hub (using Homey)

This was a tricky one, as the Google Nest Hub (2) does not have a web browser with a UI.

Opening a Web page with a voice command will inform the user that 192.168.x.y is a local network IP address - thanks for the information google :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The trick is to combine the forces of Homey, A Homey Virtual Device, the ChromeCast App on Homey and Google Home app.

  1. Create a Virtual device “Office Screen Dashboard” or similar with on/off capability. Here’s my virtual device:

  2. Install the Google Chromecast App on Homey and create a Google Cast device that represents the Google Nest Hub. Here’s mine.

  3. Create a Flow that does 2 things:
    a- cast a web-site to the Nest Hub
    b- after a few seconds turns off the virtual Dashboard device on Homey

Here’s mine:

  1. Create a Google Home Assistant Routine that is used to ask the device to show the dashboard. I created a routine that listens to “Show the dashboard”. As an effect of the routine it should control a deice using the ‘adjust lights, plugs,…’ flow. Select the virtual dashboard device on Homey and select the ‘turn on’ capability.
    Make sure Homey and Google Nest Hub are linked and synced ("OK Google, sync my devices’).

  2. Say “OK Google, show my dashboard”… Watch the magic…

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Any hint about the flow " cast node Red dashboard …?
I am newbie and would be great to have an dashboard on nest but don’t know how to create the dashboard.

Hi @Tomas_Severa,

Sorry, I see I am using a delegate flow for casting. If you replace the flow card with this:
then you should do just fine without this extra separate flow.
In my case, I run my nodered dashboard on a Synology NAS on the local network.

For more information on how to create dashboards, many examples and guides exist. In this community I learned a lot from Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT - there you can also see my own dashboard pages (I have 5 by now) but here’s inspiration: Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT - #621 by RogerSt

Other dashboards are for example the HomeyDash: , een Homey dashboard

Have fun reading - there’s tons of inspiration, examples and explanations in these community topics.

You mean the Chromecast app?

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We did this a few days earlyer alr.
This was with the gen1 hub tho and that stopped working ok with the last Google update. On the 2 versions it seems to work for now.

Thanks. I will try my luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct @Peter_Kawa - I have changed the original post.

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Hi @Rocodamelshekima

It seems still this is not stable. It’s hit or miss sometimes.

Especially when the dashboard was displayed recently, a next question to show the dashboard does not work.

I have traced this back to

  • either the chromecast not casting the web site properly
  • or the nest hub 2 not processing the cast command for the web site properly

All other actions

  • voice command
  • changing the virtual device status
  • triggering the cast request
    succeed normally on Homey.

This leads me to believe that the casting does not work properly/consistently for the google nest hub.

Thanks for the extra insights.

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