How to set the time in countdown

I tried for many times but I don’t see how I can set the time of my timer in Countdown or chronograph. How does it work. When I select a timer in a flow I can choose a new name but I don’t understand where I can set the time in seconds etc.

You first have to add a timer in the setting page of the countdown app.
In the Home app goto, apps, countdown, then right top corner click settings, app setting. The you can make a timer.
Now when making a flow you choose the timer and then you can also fill in a time in seconds, minutes and hours.

You can also use the Chronograph app. That app will continue with counting after, let’s say, a restart of Homey.
And you can make a timer just by filling in a name in the card of the flow.

Still not completely clear. I tested with following:

The color changes within a secon after starting the flow instead of 60 seconds

For example
IF This flow is started
THEN Start Zandloper test timer 60 seconds for 60 seconds

IF Zandloper test timer 60 seconds is leeg
THEN change color.

The IF This flow is started can also be read as If door is opend, if you use a sensor.

Ok. Makes sense!! Thank you for your support. I will study this and make some samples to test

OK. Good luck.
If you have questions, ask it.
There are a lot of people who want to help.